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ATCC is associated with well known reputable and experienced US & European Companies specialized in the design of entire Integrated Security Systems such as M/s ECSI International Inc., M/s Quanta Secure Systems etc...
Furthermore, ATCC enjoys the full technical support of its principals and manufacturers from USA and Europe.
Below is a short list of those companies:

  • Quanta Security Systems, USA
  • ECSI - International Inc. USA
  • Southwest Microwave Inc., USA
  • Detection Systems / Radionics Inc., USA
  • BOSCH Security Systems Inc.
  • Fiber Options Ltd. UK
  • AMANO Corp., Europe
  • FAAC Group, Europe
  • Pilomat Co., Italy
  • OSCO Inc., USA
  • ASTI Inc., USA
  • Apollo Corp., USA
  • MAXESS Corp,. USA
  • DELTA Scientific Corporation, USA
  • Boon Edam Tomsed Corporation, USA
  • Federal Signal Corporation, USA
  • EG & G Astrophysics Corp. USA
  • Sensormatic/Software House, USA
  • Magnetic Auto Control GmBh

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